Jumping Into the Deep End of the Pool


When I was a ballet instructor, I would always tell my students, what do you have to lose? Just jump into the deep end of the pool and start swimming, whether you doggy paddle or full out swim you’ll get there. There will be times you have to tread water but ultimately, its not how fast you move but the fact that you just keep swimming.  I know, weird, you would think I would come up with a dancing a metaphor but…

So, now it is my turn to jump in, to take a risk.  And as I think back to my own advice I gave my students and my children, I realize they are scared because I am scared. What if I fail, what if I can’t handle it, is change good for my family, will I be taking away from my family, what if I am not successful, am I to old or what if I just truly suck!

Opportunities to change your life, or make your dreams come true can come at the most inopportune moments.  And taking this BIG jump into an abyss of water, where you can’t see the bottom or the other side is frightful. But if I don’t follow my own advice then I have already drowned before I even jumped so here I go.  Ready! Set! JUMP!!!!